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Washington Bankruptcy Facts

Bankruptcy can help you get rid of your financial burdens quickly and successfully no matter how much you owe. In Washington, there are several kinds of bankruptcy chapters that can be filed, so it’s important to learn as much as possible about each one so you can make the best decision for your particular case. Although there are six chapters to choose from in the state, the two most popular are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Read on to find out exactly why.

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? Which to Choose?

Chapter 7 is the chapter most often sought by debtors in Washington. It is an appealing option because both consumers and businesses can apply and debts may be completely wiped out in as little as three months. However, this chapter requires assets to be liquidated to eliminate debt, which isn’t always something debtors are willing to do. Yet, there are certain assets that are exempt from liquidation, including the debtor’s place of residence, personal items like clothes, and retirement accounts, that debtors won’t have to worry about losing.

Chapter 13 can only be filed by individuals and does not require any assets to be liquidated. Instead, a payment plan is devised to help debtors pay off what they owe to creditors within three to five years. Although debt cannot be completely percent wiped out, as is possible with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, this chapter is much easier to qualify for and many debtors find they prefer to take their time to pay what they owe instead of parting with their valuables.

Why Work with a Washington Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Determining which chapter to file can be very challenging, especially if you qualify for more than one. However, when you have an experienced Washington bankruptcy attorney on your side who will fight for your rights, you can rest easy knowing the best resolution for your case will be attained.

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