When an individual is placed in the spotlight on a reality TV show, not only do viewers wish to learn about who they are, but also about their past. It is in our human nature to dig deep and find out a little bit about what makes that person who they are today. It appears there has been a little bit of digging going on in Brittany Cartwright’s life as of recently. Cartwright is a star on Vanderpump Rules, a spinoff to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills show.

According to Radar Online, Cartwright has a dark secret past involving growing up in a divorced household. She was living with her mother back in Kentucky working as a Hooters waitress before she moved to California and made her mark in the television industry. But, during that time back in Kentucky, news sources are shedding light on the fact that Sherri, her mother, filed for bankruptcy when Cartwright was only 19-years old.

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During that “turbulent” time in Cartwright’s life, her mother was said to have been over $225,925 in debt in April 2008. Sherri did have a tanning bed business back then and although it managed to stay open for six years, she wasn’t able to bring enough money home in profit to provide for her and her daughter. According to the news source, Sherri was only profiting $2,136 and her total expenses came to $2,115.  Sadly, that business failed and she went into the furniture sales industry.

As you know, when you aren’t able to meet your financial obligations, bank accounts and credit cards tend to become in default which only makes for a more stressful situation. Because Cartwright’s mother wasn’t bringing in enough income, she owed Bank of America $7,848 and $1,986 to Macy’s. She had no choice but to file for bankruptcy as she already had two mortgages out on her home and no cash. When Sherri filed for bankruptcy, she even closed an account with a negative balance of $275. It seems the star’s mother was in over her head and had no choice but to file.

While it isn’t an easy decision to file for bankruptcy, sometimes it is in the best interest of a person to do so. Life doesn’t always go as planned and sometimes, finances accumulate to more than one can handle.

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