Indeed, celebrities aren’t particularly good with handling their millions and particularly bankruptcy attorneys will swear by it. Even though they happen to be the lucky few who are blessed with six digit pays, they manage to squander big time. And the most recent addition to this list has been Kerry Katona, who happens to have been featured in the list of bankrupt celebrities for the first time around.Kerry Katona

Hard Times

However, her recent public appearance in “The Morning” appeared to be somewhat defiant. She declared that being after sympathy was not her thing and selecting bankruptcy wasn’t an easy decision either. Speaking of her first bankruptcy which surfaced in 2008, Katona stated, “The first time bankruptcy I had, I got made bankrupt and everyone is very well aware of my past and I was out of control and things got out of hand. But I paid nearly half a million pound back and when I had the option to do ‘Big Brother’, I thought I want to do the right thing and I gave to the trustees to pay it off…”

Speaking about this second episode where she is now being forced to deal with bankruptcy lawyers again, Katona claimed that she already knew that this one was coming her way yet again. She declared that there was every intention to pay her creditors back and that she had indeed taken up any and every job that came her way in order to clear up the mess for her children and herself.

Love Triumphs Financial Woes

However, despite her financial woes, speaking about her association with the love of her life George Kay, she emphatically declared: “What I’ve learnt in life is that I feel very grateful, very blessed and that money isn’t everything. I’ve not got much money, but I’ve got love, I’ve got happiness, I’ve got my health, and as far as I’m concerned I feel like the richest person in the world because of that.”