When is it Suggested to File for Bankruptcy?

Taking the leap and opening a business doesn’t always go the way you would expect sometimes. In some instances, you may have implemented the best marketing techniques but the economy just wasn’t ready to pay for the services you offered. Investing all that money into one idea means you probably also have a significant amount […]

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Vanderpump Rules Star Has a Past, and it Isn’t Pretty

When an individual is placed in the spotlight on a reality TV show, not only do viewers wish to learn about who they are, but also about their past. It is in our human nature to dig deep and find out a little bit about what makes that person who they are today. It appears […]

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Optima Specialty Steel Files for Bankruptcy

A parent company of Kentucky Electric Steel has recently filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. As reported by dailyindependent.com, Optima Specialty Steel intends to restructure its finances while in operation. Lexington, KY bankruptcy lawyers explain that the filing was a result a $172 million debt in addition to another $87.5 million in December of 2016.


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Lexington, KY Bankruptcy Lawyers

The exemptions that you claim in case of bankruptcy is what will primarily impact the amount of assets that you may be able to protect in a bankruptcy and the amount that you will have to essentially pay particular creditors.


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Lexington, KY Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you contemplate filing for bankruptcy relief then you should be well aware of what it means in both short and long term. It is a crucial financial decision and one which must not be taken lightly. This is something into which you need to put considerable thought before going ahead and filing according to Lexington, KY bankruptcy lawyers.


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